Liam Gallagher Adamant That Oasis Aren’t Splitting

    Another tiresome feud erupted between the Gallagher brothers last week, although this one provoked a little more interest than usual as Liam chimed in with a few Twitter posts on the debacle. Noel’s description of Liam as “a man with a fork in a world of soup” may be the most accurate statement the guitarist has ever made, but it’s still not going to stop the brothers from continuing as Oasis.

    “[The band situation is] not good. Not good,” says Liam. “He likes Oasis and I like Oasis, so I’m not leaving and he’s not leaving, so we gotta do it, but we don’t get on, so I can’t be arsed, man.” The strange personal relationship between the Gallaghers only looks set to worsen, with Noel even revealing that his younger brother has never met his 19 month-old son, Donovan.

    “He’s different and I’m different,” Liam offers as explanation. “We’ve done well, 15 years at it – 15 years of having problems together, we’ve done pretty well. I think the minute we start getting happy and holding hands and being like other bands then I think it’ll be over. This is the tension, it’s like he wants to outdo me and I want to outdo him.”

    The fact that Oasis pulled in an impressive £52million ($76million) last year undoubtedly plays a factor in their relationship, although it’s difficult to imagine the Gallaghers permanently splitting. It’s more likely that they’ll become a Rolling Stones of the Britpop generation, constantly touring until they’re old and wrinkly.