Let the musical April Fools jokes begin

    Don’t ever say online music nerds don’t have a sense of playfulness. The folks over at Tiny Mix Tapes raised some eyebrows with news that they were sponsoring a festival at which the headliner would be Neutral Milk Hotel. They even posted an “exclusive” Neutral Milk Hotel track that was basically a live version of “Engine” fucked up with random electronic noises. Seems enough people took the gag seriously that TMT has now had to disavow the whole thing on their site, but not before Billboard picked up the thread here.
    L.A. concert venue The Echo floated a similar doozy yesterday. In a print ad that ran in the LA Weekly, the venue claimed that “all original members of the Velvet Underground” would be on hand for the weekly Part Time Punks DJ night. (The online version at the club’s website isn’t nearly as witty, as it comes right out and tells the reader it’s a joke.) That one actually got me for a few minutes. I figured it was perfectly plausible Lou Reed et. al. could be there, not necessarily playing together, just kind of throwing on some records maybe. One sometimes forgets that Sterling Morrison is no longer with us.
    So what two musicians should the ‘Fork start a rumor are having a baby this year?