Les Savy Fav Reveal Cover Art For ‘Root For Ruin’

    Art-punk veterans Les Savy Fav have revealed the cover art for their fifth LP, Root for Ruin. Primarily made up of mirrors placed in awkward positions, one can only think: How angular of them. Perhaps, a self-reflexive comment on the sound of the new LP?


    In a recent press-release, lead-singer Tim Harrington explained that “with our last album, we wanted to cavort around the world and try some freaky stuff.” However, band-member Seth Jabour followed-up Harrington’s statement that, “with [Root for Ruin] it turns out we enjoy making love with one another more than with a group of strangers.”


    Let’s hope they saved enough love for music.


    Root for Ruin will be released Sept. 14 via Frenchkiss.