Les Savy Fav Ask Illegal Downloaders To Donate Cash, Rush Release ‘Root For Ruin’

    As online album leakers continue to wreak havoc on the music industry, Brooklyn indie rockers Les Savy Fav are hoping that some of their fans will prove to be more magnanimous than most. The group is about to rush release the digital version of its album Root For Ruin after copies began to appear online.


    “OK, so you got our leaked record,” reads a message on the band’s website. “At least now you know how awesome it is. We’re sure you really just are desperate for a way to pay us for the thing. Here- donate some cash to us and be free of guilt- for the record. Pay extra and your also forgiven for sex sins and stuff AND we’ll tell Jesus to send you cookies.”


    A link to a pay-what-you-like Paypal button for the group’s label, Frenchkiss Records, lies below the plea, although whether we’ll ever find out how much cash the group makes this way is moot. Either way, Root For Ruin, which was originally due for release on Sept. 13, will be available digitally from online retailers later today—so you know what to do if you’d rather give the band some funds in a more traditional manner.