Les Savy Fav Announce New Album, ‘Root for Ruin’

    It appears that Les Savy Fav has taken a break from alternately terrifying and enlightening audiences across the world to record a new album. Pitchfork has announced that Root for Ruin, their fifth studio album, will come out Sept. 14.

    Given the six years between the releases of their last two albums, the relatively quick turnaround this time is a welcome surprise. The band tells Pitchfork that it’ll sound a lot like “mid-1990s indie bands,” which, no matter what you might tell people, is always a good thing.
    Track list:
    01. Appetites
    02. Dirty Knails
    03. Sleepless in Silverlake
    04. Let’s Get Out of Here
    05. Lips n’ Stuff
    06. Poltergeist
    07. High and Unhinged
    08. Excess Energies
    09. Dear Crutches
    10. Calm Down
    11. Clear Spirits