Leonard Cohen Testifies On Ex-Manager’s Death Threats

    Leonard Cohen obviously has a dramatic view of his own life. He would need it to be able to craft such detailed and affecting autobiographical songs as “Going Home,” the leadoff track from his latest record Old Ideas. But Cohen may wish his life were a bit less dramatic professionally.

    According to his own testimony, after being fired in 2005 for reportedly swindling Cohen out of a large sum of money, Leonard’s former manager Kelley Lynch began bombarding him with texts, voicemails, and e-mails that included death threats. Reportedly, e-mails lasted up to 50 pages and voicemails bordered on ten minutes long. “My sense of alarm has increased over the years as the volume of emails has increased,” Cohen said in a statement to the court hearing the case. Which is something Cohen’s gravitas could totally sell as a lyric on some technology-focused record. [NME]