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Leonard Cohen Performs in Israel for Peace in the Middle East

Leonard Cohen, legendary poet/rock star, is also a nice Jewish boy from outside Montreal (just like my dad and William Shatner). Cohen is certainly being a mensch this High Holiday season, performing a benefit concert in Israel, his first performance in the Holy Land in 20 years. Cohen recently performed in front of a sold-out crowd in Tel Aviv, including 200 Israeli and Palestinian families who have lost a loved one in the conflict.


Despite tickets that sold for up to 1200 sheckels (~$350), the concert sold out in less than 12 hours. Since the proceeds from the concert would go to the families of the bereaved as part of the Leonard Cohen Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace. $350 for a stadium's worth of Leonard Cohen fans can buy you lots of Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace. Inscribe this man in the book of life, already!



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Leonard Cohen

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