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Leonard Cohen Announces 'Old Ideas' Tour

Leonard Cohen isn't just making a recording comeback: He's making a return to the road too. The bard of Montreal is touring Europe pretty heavily late this summer, but with ample time off in between dates. For now, the dates are limited to across the Atlantic, but apparently a North American tour will take place after the European jaunt.

Check out the European dates below: 

  • 08.12 Ghent, Belgium: St. Peter's Square
  • 08.14 Ghent, Belgium: St. Peter's Square
  • 08.25 Copenhagen, Denmark: Rosenborg Castle
  • 08.26 Aalborg, Denmark: Molleparken
  • 08.28 Bergen, Norway: Bergenhus Festning-Koengen
  • 08.31st Goenberg, Sweden: Tradgardsforeningen 
  • 09.02 Helsinki, Finland: Sonera Stadium
  • 09.05 Berlin, Germany: Wuhlheide
  • 09.06 Monchengladbach, Germany: Hockey Field
  • 09.11 Dublin, Ireland: Imma
  • 09.12 Dublin, Ireland: Imma
  • 09.25 Verona, Italy: Verona Arena
  • 09.28 Paris, France: Olympia
  • 09.29 Paris, France: Olympia
  • 09.30 Paris, France: Olympia
  • 10.03 Barcelona, Spain: St. Jordi
  • 10.05 Madrid, Spain: Palais Desportes
  • 10.07 Lisbon, Portugal: Pavilhao Atlantico
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