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Leona Lewis set to sing at Barack Obama's inauguration

British R&B singer Leona Lewis, who rose to fame in her native country after winning the TV talent show The X Factor, is set to sing at Barack Obama’s inauguration. The event has already attracted a huge amount of speculation, with tireless Obama campaigners such as Jay-Z and Beyonce being widely tipped to make an appearance.

According to British tabloid The Sun, Lewis has been invited to sing at the inauguration, and a “source” close to the singer has said that “various inquiries have been made to Leona’s people about her availability on January 20.” Lewis herself hasn’t commented, but prior to the election on November 4 she did heap praise on the future president, saying: “I think Obama is amazing. He’s just so cool and articulate. Nothing fazes him.”

Meanwhile, Beyonce has also said she wants to perform at the ceremony. Speaking in New York last week, the former Destiny’s Child singer was asked if she’d like to perform at Obama’s inauguration. “Of course I'd love to. Who wouldn't?" she said.
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Leona Lewis

Looks like the anointed one likes to surround himself with attractive females. Sure brings back memories doesn't it?


Leona Lewis is not an R&B singer, I don't care what Simon Cowell says.


Who is the lady and why is this lady singing at a US inauguration. Why cant the organiser can get an African American talent to do it. She aint that good.


Go back to England Leona "Overrated" Lewis.


Wow, that would be amazing if Leona sang for Barack Obama.
She supports him, thats good enough.


She freakin' sucks! No way, not gonna sing for Obama! She's not worthy of being in his presence.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that is so leona lewuis that going to sing for Barack Obama


Leona Lewis is one of the best singers out there right now, so i dont know why you'd say such things..cant get any better ;)


She sucks? well why dont we just fly her back to the UK then and let someone who appears on americas front page every day sing.. say like, Britney Spears, cus shes just so f'ing talented, leona aint got s**t on her vocals.. LIES!
Leona Lewis is by far a very talented girl and her humble and generous attitude doesnt hurt either, Im sure lovely Obama would be happy to have her grace his presence.


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