Len Wiseman Is Directing Universal’s ‘The Mummy’ Reboot

    Universal Pictures is planning to remake The Mummy again.

    The 1932 horror classic is set to get a reboot in 2014 with Underworld director Len Wiseman helming a script from Prometheus screenwriter Jon Spaihts. Producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci will be joining Sean Daniels and Jim Jacks, who produced the 1999 remake of The Mummy. Unlike the 1999 remake, this reboot will set the action in a modern setting.

    “When I first heard Universal was relaunching this, that is the image that popped into my head, the period tale, the old monster, but when Bob and Alex pitched it, there was a great new take and approach, and a very different mummy as well,” said Wiseman. “It’s a darker twist on the material. We’re reaching into the deep roots of The Mummy, which at its beating heart is a horror movie and then an action movie, and putting it into a context that is real and emotional.”

    Universal is planning a summer 2014 release date for the proposed reboot. The last remake of The Mummy spawned two sequels and a spin-off, The Scorpion King, which was also followed by direct-to-video sequels. [Deadline]