Led Zeppelin Rarity Turns Up at Car Boot Sale in England

    Sometimes important and long-lost rock music artifacts turn up in the most unlikely places. Consider the story of Warren Hill, a man who was flicking through old records at a yard sale in Chelsea in New York and came across an acetate of the Velvet Underground’s lost Scepter studio sessions. Hill ultimately sold his find, which cost him 75 cents, for a cool $25,000.


    Now, a bootleg copy of a Led Zeppelin show from St. Matthew Baths Hall in England from 1971 has been unearthed at a car boot sale. Vic Kemp, who found the item, paid the equivalent of around $5 for the record. No recordings of the show have previously surfaced, making this a holy grail-like item for Led Zeppelin fans.


    “It must have been recorded by someone standing at the front with a microphone,” said Kemp. “You can hear [singer] Robert Plant talking to the audience quite clearly.” It’s not known whether Kemp will cash-in on his find, although he could likely make some serious money from the recording, which includes previously unheard versions of “Whole Lotta Love,” “Black Dog,” and many other classic tracks.


    [via NME]

    [Pic: Wiki]