Led Zep in NYC?

    C’mon, you know it’s gonna happen. Judging by the universal praise that Led Zeppelin has received for its reunion gig, it seems it’ll be only a matter of months before the band announces tour dates. According to some backstage reporting courtesy of The Sun, it looks like Page, Plant and Jones are at least considering the possibility of playing New York’s Madison Square Garden.
    The Sun’s unnamed source said: “The band were really fired up and were talking about their late drummer John Bonham and what he would have thought about it—it was a time for reflection. Then the talk went to, ‘What next? Was this it or would there be something else?’ One of the guys started talking about their three [1973] concerts at the Garden. There was a consensus of, ‘Why not?’ It is one of the best live music venues in the world. I have no doubt after their reaction backstage that they will be there next year playing to a sell-out crowd.”