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Zep to rework arrangements for upcoming live dates

It certainly has been a long time, as the members of the newly reformed Led Zeppelin are finding out. The band has been working overtime on new arrangements for many of their classic tunes, because Robert Plant can't hit the high notes anymore. To head off any pubescent vocal wavering, Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page have been moving the songs down to a lower key. Perhaps to offset disappointment about the concert's muted level of caterwauling, Page said that Zeppelin would debut an "intense" new song live.
This is an interesting development. On the one hand, it's cool because nobody really wants to see a bunch of rock dinosaurs trying to recapture the seventies as they edge toward their seventies. The new arrangements give a little leeway for Zeppelin to showcase some artistry and give the audience something more than a retread. The other part of the argument, however, is that maybe the band should have had more than one "intense" new song before stepping back into spotlight. Nothing would take the edge off that E-minor take of "Black Dog" like a little bit of new material. [NME]
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'Rock dinosaurs'? How about a little more respect for the greatest and most influential band in rock history. Do you realize how much of today's rock, at it's core, was inspired in some way by Led Zeppelin. This was the most talented band ever assembled, with each member not just a gifted musician, but a revolutionary innovator. Well over a BILLION hits on the website for reunion tickets, with 25 million attempting to register in one 24- hour period, is compelling evedence that Zeppelin still command the largest fan base in rock history.


Whoever said "dinosaur" was a bad thing? I think we would all greatly respect a T-Rex if we saw one. But even the dinosaurs are getting pretty old and outdated now, inching slowly towards 70 (million years old).

Sean Nelson

I feel that the triceratops is an underappreciated dinosaur.

Dave Park

what are you ten or something .Have RESPECT where respect is due. Your looking there age. Not the power the sound {that Amazing Sound} Its time it put away your GI- joes and your yo rap dog cd and go buy any one of the zeppelin cd or find your dads 8tracks or his records just listen to the flow the words the filling deep in side you. have respect for a band that gave you all the music you need to play, cry, dance ,a love, to relax, to smile, or just drink to.So go get your zeppelin cd and dont put down a band that gave you the music you got today.

Scott Reinard

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