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Led Zeppelin Being Sued By Folksinging Codger Over Dazed And Confused

English folksinger Jake Holmes is suing Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page over the band's song "Dazed and Confused." Holmes says that he received a copyright to the song in 1967, two years before Zep recorded their version. Though the two versions are sort of similar, the one glaring omission in Holmes' story is how he kept finding things to do other than take the band to court. If Jimmy Page had stolen my song at the close of the '60s, he would have paid out before the Watergate scandal was finished. [TMZ]

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Led Zeppelin

"Bnad's" ??


Thanks. Fixed now. And Mike, I agree. What took so long?

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I think what lit a fire under Holmes is the fact that unlike years ago, people can now listen to his obscure original on YouTube and say "Oh my God! They ripped you off, dude!" I assume over the past few years he got hundreds of calls from people saying this to him, and it got to him.

So far, there are over 80,000 hits on the YouTube video of the song -- way way more people than probably ever heard the original album. Here's the link:

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