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Led Zep to Robert Plant: In or Out

Apparently Robert Plant's old bandmates are tired of cooling their heels while he dithers around with his Americana side project. The other members of the reconstituted Led Zeppelin (John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and John Bonham's son Jason) have warned the singer that they may go ahead on a reunion tour without him if he doesn't make up his mind soon about whether to join them or not.


In the meantime, the band has been rehearsing with stand-in singers, and have hinted that an unnamed American vocalist would make a fitting frontman if Plant remains uncommitted. For his part, Plant, who joined Zeppelin for their one-off London gig last December, has shown more interest in following through on his duet project with Alison Krauss. Sure, the world is chomping at the bit for a Zeppelin tour, but kudos to Plant for being more interested in pursuing something new than reliving past glories. And good luck to Page and company if they think they can do just as well without him. Four words, guys: Queen with Paul Rodgers. 'Nuff said.


[The Sun]

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get lou reed to sing lead. then i might go.

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chris robinson


Jim allen is obviously not a zeppelin fan. Led Zeppelin is new you fool. Their entire body of work is and always will be and sound new. Don't you get it. I suppose you like Hanna Montana better. Don't quit your day job Jim..


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