Lebron Raps With LMFAO After Winning Title, Rap Career Pending

    So there you have it. LeBron James and the Miami Heat finally won a NBA title. Now what will ESPN talk about? Well, we aren’t sure this is something the boys over at Bristol would be interested in but we sure are. Apparently, after winning his first NBA title, LeBron much later in the night got on stage with LMFAO and threw down some verses on the mic.

    Before you proclaim the second-coming of Shaq-Fu (LeBro-Fu?), James didn’t drop a freestyle but rather chose to rap along with was “Riot” by 2 Chainz. Still, is this the start of a rap career for James?

    Please. Your mother can rap along to the slow delivery of 2 Chainz.

    Also, is LeBron wearing a shirt of himself as a vampire?