Video: LCD Soundsystem – “Backlash” Press Conference

    James Murphy answered an assortment of random questions at a press conference for Sound of Silver today. Here is a video clip (Part 4) where he talks about the backlash against DFA, haters, living in NYC and The Police. Check the links below to see other clips where he talks about random topics like Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Ultimate Fighting.

    Part 1Backlash, marketing, desecrating rock, recent NYC shows
    Part 2Amy Winehouse, Ultimate Fighting, role model, The Fall
    Part 3Testing music, wearing your own band’s shirt, alter-ego, Desperate Housewives
    Part 4Signs of backlash, early adopters of hate, Williamsburg or Manhattan, the name LCD Soundsystem, The Police
    Part 5Britney Spears remix, good press, cat loves MBV, “North American Scum”
    Part 6Blogging for the Guardian, album leak, Oxfam, Top 40, Unplugged

    LCD Soundsystem “Someone Great”Live Video from Bowery Ballroom (March 31, 2007)