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LCD Soundsystem - "Get Innocuous" (Track Review)

LCD Soundsystem's debut record sounded like an eclectic compilation, James Murphy donning different costumes from track to track. On the forthcoming Sound of Silver, the styles actually start to blend, more mixed up than mix-tape.
Egotist that he is, Murph first references himself with a beat that sounds like "Losing My Edge" imploding (but might actually be a revamp of that abandoned Britney demo). Lumbering slowly in from the horizon comes the main refrain from Kraftwerk's "the Robots", tempo nudged up from dance optional to dance mandatory. In his best regal Berlin Bowie tone, Jimmy laments. There comes a point when the fading hipster, he of the lost edge, must start to re-think.
A cheerful female voice chimes in with the mantra, "You''¦Can''¦Nor-ma-lize. Don't it make you feel alive?" It plays like a cruel taunt towards the anxious dude who can't get it together. This leads to the punctuating title line, a request to embrace mediocrity and get down. Chugging guitar adds awesome to injury.
The fastest seven minutes I've heard all year, or, more to the point, HOLY SHIT!
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LCD Soundsystem
Track Review

the record sounds pretty good. best track- far as i'm concerned- is #4, "someone great" which sounds like if "once in a lifetime" was on 'speaking in tongues' rather than 'remain in light.' somehow james murphy makes virtually ripping off other great acts (eno, beatles, new order) work really well.


yes, yes, yes, jamestown. that song is so good. so good. get innocuous is pretty awesome too, though.


i know it's novelty-ish, but I love the last song.

Matthew Gasteier

"Get Innocuous" is the best song I've heard so far this year..... and possibly the greatest thing I've heard James Murphy do -- EVER.For seven minutes, it really does fly by.

Elliott M

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