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Layne Staley: The Movie?

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Argentinean Journalist/Author Adriana Rubio's portrait of late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley, titled Layne Staley: Get Born Again, may soon be adapted into a movie. Philadelphia Writer/Director Eric Moyer has contacted Rubio about adapting her book into a script, of which he is in the process of writing the first draft. The book includes the last interview with Staley, who gave Rubio permission to detail his last living months, in an attempt to convey the painful existence of drug addicts. Rubio was the only one from the media who spoke with him before his death on April 5, 2002 of a heroin overdose. Let the speculation of how will portray Staley begin.
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Alice In Chains
Layne Staley

definitely want to see this. i hope it's good


i'm going to listen to dirt right now.

Mike Krolak

I say tell it. His story has been a long time coming. Anyone looking for insight to the tortured success of AIC will love this. I'll be in line.

Sean Colbert


Autumn Young

Look, I recently over the last 2 years have absoulutely fell head over heals in love with AIC and most of all Layne!!!!!!!!!! I have been to (2) of their concerts already, one in PA. and the other in Baltimore, and I can not wait to see them again. Although I am a little disheartend that I never had the chance to see Layne perform. He was an amazing individual!!!! My fiance is a die hard AIC fan and can pretty much duplicate Layne. It's kinda weird... But cool at the same time.... Beings how I think Layne is the sexiest thing that ever lived!!!!!!!!! So, with all that said I cannot wait for the movie!!!!!!! Hey if you need someone to portray Layne to a "T" I know someone..............

Tracy Weitzel

yea Layne was the best and i would love to see a movie about him but it needs to be real and not just some made up crap to turn a buck...i would also like to see some more AIC concerts released on dvd from the early 90`s ......

Eric Anderson

there are tons of cool layne and aic stuff on youtube, i hate to kill the buzz about the movie, but for many of you may already know how bad the books were written.I hope Moyer can use some of the info rubio had got from layne such as telephone recordings and make a descent bio. but as far as using rubios books to make a movie she did not have much. for big layne fans i admit the books are a must read because something is better than nothing. but its definitley a one time read. layne 's mother nancy was very involved with adrianna rubio in the adaption process of the book angry chair but near the end when it was going to be published she totally distanced herself from the author. and after reading you can see why. as much as i wanna see a movie on layne, its really disheartening to know tha adrianna rubio may be involved. i just hope if eric moyer goes forward with this movie no matter what budget, i hope he get nancy mccallums blessing on it (laynes mom) and does his homework or there gonna be a lot pissed off people.


I would love to see this... Layne Staley has played a big part of my life, he has inspired me greatly in writing music and will continue to be my favorite singer


I agree I would love to see a movie about Layne Staley. I know lots of other people that would too.


i would see the movie....hands down...everyone would love to see a film about layne, an inspiring artist/musician...this could also bring closure, to all AIC fans who were inspired by layne


a movie about layne? seems too good to be true..


Want the movie... But rubios book was a bad write , she had very little to go on , and filled it with so much useless s**t, like comparing laynes writings to mythology.... yeah , she did that. There is a chapter about a failed biography about mike starr , where the author wrote a whole bunch of songs about the band , really really bad songs , and even says he pictured layne and jerry singing the harmonies... Can you say stalker? There absolutely MUST be a movie telling the world about the GREAT LAYNE STALEY, but , it should involve 5 people in particular, Jerry , Sean < Mike Starr, Mike Inez , and Laynes mom Nancy, they are the people who knew Layne.


a movie would be fantastic, and everyone i know would see it. however, the tendancies of filmmakers and writers alike is to romanticize drug use and addiction. I say go all for the movie, jsut dont make it look cool to be an addict, no matter how cool the addict was. I love Layne quite possibly more than my own husband, and so do many others, so I would like nothing more than a movie. A movie with TRUTH.


I'd love to see it with a title of a Jim Morrison poem


I love Layne, so I'll watch anything related to him, but I personally think the title "Get Born Again" would be lame. I'd love to see a less generic title...ya know? use an obscure lyric from a song that casual fans wouldn't know. I could think of 2 off-hand: 'the darkest hole', or 'bleed for me' reference to Bleed the Freak and the turmoil that Layne felt in regards to being a rock star/idol/hero...

and I agree with the person before me who said the author and her film co. should get the blessing of Layne's mom, Nancy, and prolly his sister, too, since she is interviewed in the book.

Layne is amazing...don't botch this!!!!!!!


Mathhew Mcconaughey should play layne. he just has to work on losing muscles. i cant remember layne being buff.


I would love to see a really good factual movie about Layne,with lots of truth in it, cos although I havent read the book Ive heard its not very good & members of aic & the staley family should b involvd as they were there during the good & bad. I wld like 4 them 2 include demri too as not much is known about her and Layne is believd to have suffered terribly after her death. I mourn Layne & think about him every day, although some lucky few knew the man,many were lucky to know the voice, what a wonderful talent he had. Whenever im down I put Laynes fab voice on my speakers & my blues have gone away...


hell yea! hell yea! & hell yea. that is all i got too say about that.

dale robbins

i just hope its goin to be better than gus van zants last days the movie about kurt cobains last days it was horrible

matt fentress

that movie would be pretty insane if it was about layne, but im just thinking how did he look before, he died i heard he looked like a mutilated ghost (not to be rude)
if someone knows can they tell me?


I absolutely love Layne, to the point where my boyfriend gets a little freaked out. I can't wait to see a movie about his life,but not so much if it's based on Rubio's book, which was the least factual, most dis-jointed thing i have ever read!!!
Layne was a beautiful,gifted,misunderstood person and he deserves to have is story told in a respectful and honest way.


Another movie about another dead junkie who couldn't handle fame & fortune. I lost my job because my company moved to another country and I'm barely scraping by and this idiot had millions and blew it on drugs.. If money and success is not what you want, then give it to someone who wants or needs it more. He chose a tortured life because after he became famous he could have moved on to something better and didn't. Never felt bad for him and won't waste my money on a picture about him. Find real heroes people. This guy is the same as the crackhead who lives in the projects.


I haven't read Rubio's book-just excerpts detailing a very broken and pitiful man ravaged by not only drug abuse but clinical depression (the man was suicidal-it was obvious). I found the conversation he had with her to be quite heartbreaking and it also made me angry as it seemed voyeuristic and exploitive on her part-she very much was there to observe and report on the trainwreck his life had become and not willing to do anything to help him. True, at that point, he was likely well beyond help, but I would have made a 911 call as it seemed he was near the very least, contact his family to tell them of his deterioration...


I would love this move to happen....sooner than later.
Layne Staley was an amazing person and he should get the credit he deserved. He was also a pretty cool guy... if ya knew him, ya liked him. I also would love this movie to take off in a positive/creative/artistic avenue and truely show case many of his talents. Sure, the drugs played a huge part in his life but so did his humor and talent. Do this one up good....real good....and make it a hit worth seeing....even for people to go see this move who don't know who he is.


does anyone know when this flick is coming out.. cuz i kinda dont want to miss it..


This movie will be a horrible pile of garbage if it is at all like the book was. The only saving grace I can see about it is that it's NOT being written by that bitch Rubio. There is not a single, solitary person alive who was close to Layne that supports the book OR the movie. In fact, the filmmakers don't even have the rights to use the f**king music that the movie's supposed to be about. Rubio didn't know anything and she f**ked up the only chance Layne gave ANYONE to look into his life and pick his tortured brain. It makes me mad thinking about how horrible that book was and how horrible this movie will be. I grew up listening to AiC, listening to Layne's and Jerry's mesmerizing harmony and deep, deep lyics. The band made more than music to me, and any account of their experience should reflect that.


Scott, I would like to know where you get your info on Rubio? Opinions vary, but you are way off base here...


f!@k kc


This bitch should NOT be allowed to make this film!!

1st off, she NEVER knew Layne personally, his own family doesn't approve, even his own bandmates are against it, and will not let her use them or their songs in the film!


WOW, you people (most of you anyway) are way too critical. Can't you just be happy that a movie about the great man who was Layne Staley is being made.

Was there this much criticism when they made The Doors?


I hope they make a movie about Layne.I just really hope they don't include any advice from the so-called author of that so-called story of his life.I find it hard to concieve that a co. published the book.What a waste of an opportunity to tell his story.That book sold the amount of copies it did because of Layne's name,and fans ignoring the bad reviews in hope's that it really wasn't a waste of money.I would like to see her sales of other work that doesn't have a big name attached to it,and see if it was even close in sales I am betting not.I don't want to personally hurt her feelings,but a professional writer should have been giving this deal,If you haven't bought the book,Believe me SAVE your money..


Adriana Rubio has written a letter regarding the Behind the scenes of Get Born Again.
She felt she needed to write this letter. She should not have to deal with the flack she is getting for this movie or her book. She should not be threatened, nor should her family. People are entitled to their opinion, but some have taken it way too far....

To learn the truth and listen to her, please let me share her letter with you...

Please email me on my myspace ( if you want to read the letter. Too many words to post here.
Thank you.


Both books written for Layne were poorly written. And making a hollywood film about him just makes things worse to me. I'd rather it be a documentary. I have little faith in this movie. I hope they do not just make this movie revolve around his drug abuse. It's all just wrong. Layne Thomas Staley deserves better. xx

Seline Reyes


There is a lot going into this movie and it IS NOT about a drug is about Layne Staley...his life...his legacy.

I can assure you 100% that the focus is not on the drugs...but on the amazing person and soul of Layne Staley.

You will be pleasantly will be a masterpiece...


There will never be another Layne Staley.
I want to see a movie about him.
I am like a lot of the people above.
I fell in love with Layne's voice. He had a voice that would send shivers down your spine.
I relate my own tortured soul with his lyrics. He performed from a unique psychological angle. He was the only well known singer/band member whom i think i can relate with. Everyone else is fake. Layne was real. I wish i could've been fortunate enough to meet him or at least see my all time fav singer in concert. He will be missed more than most of my family members that have passed on.

Mark Stevens -Old Fort

I love his voice as well. I would love to see a movie or a documentary about him. As for who writes it, I could not care less. regardless of how good or how bad this project turns out, this man's music will forever inflict the truth of his emotions deep within his fans hearts. stay with us Staley. Your fan and friend, John


Thank you Mark and John.

We appreciate your support....


wow, that tracy girl was nuts. layne was sexy, i'll give her that. anyways, i hope the movie will be good. i'd die to see it. i love aic, always have since the first day i heard them and i will till the day i die. And if the movie does turn out sucky, he legacy will still live within his music and art. RIP layne thomas staley. We all love and miss you very much. I agree very much with Mark. There will never ever in a million years be another Layne. HIs voice really does send shivers down your spine. His voice is just purely amazing.


Good Luck with the movie, I'm thirteen and i wanna see a good biography of layne cuz on the internet the biography's all wanna talk about the heck he went through and skip over the whole alice in chains part like anybody can put together the greatest band in the world, you know what if you listen to alice in chains songs you know he is in pain now i wanna hear about happy parts of his life god is it that hard? RIP Layne


I don't care if the movie sucks or is awesome, I'm just happy that someone is making a movie about him to show how awesome he was. I'm only thirteen so i'm not going to act like i know stuff but it seems to me everyone briefly goes over the good parts of his life and spend forever telling bout his pain honestly i can tell he was tortured because of his lyrics


is there a movie about layne or not?

jean capretti

When is it coming out?


Seen AIC with and w/out Layne since 1992....The book royally sucked except for a few documents she somehow got the rights to publish. That author was an idiot and if the movie is based on that, then it will be doing Layne and the rest of the band an utter disservice.

If you cannot make an accurate movie about Layne then may he continue to rest in dignity


There is a lot of hype behind "Get Born Again" the movie, but what will be shocking to everyone upon launch is the fact that Adriana Rubio and her version of the script will become almost immediately engaged in a serious lawsuit. A little research will prove that Rubio is not the original author of the screenplay and that she intentionally got someone else to write it only to try to steal it. "Get Born Again, the Layne Staley Story" the movie script was copyrighted in 2008 and has been re-copyrighted in 2009 under a new name (TBA). Anyone who read her book knows Rubio can't put two sentences the book and see. She does seem to be an expert at putting the words thief, cheat and liar into action.

Movie Script Writer

The best thing that could happen to the alice in chains fans. Grunge stills alive. Love, hate, love........


I really miss Layne.... wish he was around wish I could communicate with his spirit.


I met Layne and AIC at Lalapalooza 93, already 1 of my top 2 bands, Soundgarden the other, AIC was awesome, fun and real. Fast forward to 98 or 99 met AIC again, incredibly sad. I miss you terribly Layne, you still rock my radio everyday. And I hope there is a movie, and just my opinion but it should be called No Excuses since he never did shy away from his problems.


See now Layne is "THE GREATEST SINGER" .. and will always be,,,,so i dont want this movie turning out to be made fictional n less real...Like Layne used to say " Whatever dramas are going on in my life, I always find that place inside my head where I see myself as the cleanest, tallest, strongest, wisest person that I can be..."i want to see this in your movie..P.S i apperitiate you guys taking out about the great "LAYNE"

Bithal rai

im a huge layne fan i wait and count the days to the movie,i fall asleep to grind and what the hell have i,gnite


Yeah. Definitly F@#K KC. Who the hell are you to talk s@#t about anyone, Do you know anything about addiction? All you know is what you see in a magazine. It's no bull, That's good that you would have moved on to something better, but some people can't. but anyway I would definitly enjoy a movie about Layne Staley


layne was one of the best coming up in the 90s rock would of ben the greatest of all time in rock.due to his short lived life layne left behind a great voice great music an a great band.the world misses you very much


Idea's of who should play Layne:

1) Terry Serpico (Somewhat unknown actor from "Rescue Me")
2) Barry Pepper
3) Jensen Ackles
4) Nicholas Cage


Seriously? Hell, it's been eight years. Someone wants to make a movie NOW? Bull, they're just running out of ideas for scripts, so they're picking up bad biographies of great people to turn into movies...
That book was horrible, and if anyone's seen the blabbermouth article on this flick, it looks like it will reflect the literature it was taken from. Layne kicks a hole in his coffin every time this prick takes a stab at writing the script for this trash...
Bad idea, it's going to be a terrible movie.


i hope the movie comes out regardles. i love aic and i miss layne staley as much as every aic fan. my only hope is the focus isnt all about his heroin use-more about his music and the man he was. i miss you layne staley!!! i consider you in the top 5 best vocalists of all time!!!! rip!!!!!


To Movie Script Writer: your script was turned down and filed away...far away.

I can 100% assure you the script for this movie is 100% original.

I have personally read this script and this movie will be amazing. It will not be a movie about some rock star's about a passionate, talented man who loved children and art...and his music to share with everyone! Layne is portrayed as an amazing person!


Make YOUR OWN judgment/opinion when you see the film for yourself.

And, no, this is not the author. I am someone close to the project and know all of what's going on since the beginning.

AIC and Layne fans will not be disappointed!


To Movie Script Writer: your script was turned down and filed away...far away.

I can 100% assure you the script for this movie is 100% original.

I have personally read this script and this movie will be amazing. It will not be a movie about some rock star's about a passionate, talented man who loved children and art...and his music to share with everyone! Layne is portrayed as an amazing person!


Make YOUR OWN judgment/opinion when you see the film for yourself.

And, no, this is not the author. I am someone close to the project and know all of what's going on since the beginning.

AIC and Layne fans will not be disappointed!


Although I would be the first in line to see a true and accurate account of Layne's work and life put into film for all to see, I am convinced we will be waiting a long time, since anything based on this travesty of a "book" will not be it.

I would rather see something that had the support of his friends, those who knew him well, his bandmates, and his Mom and Sister Liz. So far, none of these folks are coming forward to support it, and, I don't see how anything she has written can be believed if this doesn't happen. Much like a piece of fine art, a story like this requires some sort of provenance. I understand she has not even shared the tape recordings of her interview of Layne with his family. And her friendship with the pathological liar Tanya Vece is very suspect and damaging to her credibility.



There is a special place in Hell for you..........


To Darkangela:

Regarding your comment about The Doors film, which I presume you are referring to the Oliver Stone flick.......There was major opposition to the content of that much so that Jim's best friend, UCLA film school classmate and bandmate, Ray Manzarek, who probably knew Jim best, withdrew his support of the film as a contributor.

Many who did support the film have said over and again that the portrayal of Morrison was not at ALL the complete picture. Even Patricia Kenneally, one of Jim's girlfriends who actually married him in a Wiccan ceremony and was a consultant on the film, has regretted supporting it.

It was, unfortunately, a Hollywood film after all.....


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