Watch: Laurel Halo Expands “Light And Space” (Video)

    Ambient noise-nik maiden Laurel Halo is featured on a new episode of Pitchfork TV, where she premieres multiple versions of the song “Light and Space.” In the segment, we see Halo’s unique approach to song crafting, using the gear around her in a dualistic harmony with her singing voice. Initially the song is presented with Halo playing an acoustic grand piano and singing along. She explains her songwriting process as a spurt of creative inspiration, where “sometimes [she’ll] just start singing along with something in [her] head, and it just gets stuck there…it gets so stuck that it requires a track so [she] can let go of it.”

    Halo demonstrates her wide vocal range and versatility by proceeding over to her electronic gear, where noise and harmonic dissonance replace the crip and clean piano tones, and her voice shreds instead of soothes. Nonetheless, Halo’s voice resonates throughout; on the digital stage, it is enhanced by delay and other effects, lending her compositions a rather haunting quality. Halo is set to release her new album Quarentine on UK’s Hyperdub records on June 5.