LaToya Jackson Says “They” Killed Michael

    Since today marks the year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, it’s finally time for his family members to start declaring who is responsible, because that is what all families of dead pop stars do (like Elvis’ family, who blames a toilet). His dad Joe Jackson claims it was Katherine’s fault, because she didn’t stop Michael from taking pills. Jermaine said it was because Michael didn’t convert to Islam. But LaToya takes the cake: She’s claiming an amorphous “they” killed Michael, because he was worth more dead than alive.

    LaToya is quoted as saying, “He was murdered for his catalog and they knew that,” demanding an investigation into “the truth” she’s known for a year now. “You must remember from the day that I found out that Michael was no longer with us, when my mother screamed ‘he’s dead’ on the phone, I just went into this, ‘Who did it?”‘ LaToya said. Her comments, though based entirely on an unsubstantiated hunch, were echoed later by the Reverend Al Sharpton, who said this week, “I don’t think we can heal until we look at the wounds. Who inflicted the wound and why. I think we can celebrate his life, but we can’t be settled with his death until we know, who, what, when and why. And we still don’t know.”


    That sort of makes sense, though, since without Jackson’s icky face and pedophilia charges hanging around, all that’s left is the music. And the estate did make $1 billion in the last year. But still though; using the press to wonder about how your brother died and/or who killed him? Way to honor his memory. [AV Club