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Latest: Ian Brown Shoots Down Stone Roses Reunion

It was reported earlier today on Prefix that The Stone Roses were rumored to be reuniting for a Coachella appearance and a 21 date tour, but Ian Brown’s publicist has been quick to smother the flames generated by the gossip circulating around the web.


In a statement today published by The Daily Mail, a spokesperson for Brown declared that “we know nothing about a reunion. Ian is working on his new studio album which is due out later this year.” Thus, it looks safe to say that we can take this morsel of hearsay off the front burner and return to life as usual, although the looming deluxe reissue of The Stone Roses’ debut still must have a few mouths watering. [The Daily Swarm]


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The Stone Roses

A part of me knew this wasn't going to go through from the beginning, when The Daily Mirror justified the story by saying the band was enticed by "how much money was on the line." How was that different than any other time in the last ten years? It was all just a ploy to move some magazines.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/hybridxdawn/toropovbioimage.jpg dtoropov

cmon browny do it!!

teresa edinburgh

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