Last.FM Creates New Way To Discover Independent Music

    My, my, my how Last.FM has grown over the years. I can still remember when it was called AudioScrobbler and people scoffed at me for having an account at a website that tallied what music I listened to. Now, millions of people have Last.FM accounts and the company has taken notice.

    They also want to make sure that discovering new music on the site — something most people used it for in the first place — is as easy as can be. As such, they have created a new online radio-like service called Last.FM Discover.

    In their words, it will help “global music fans with vastly different tastes make their own independent music discoveries.” To me, it seems like another smart way of creating a community built around people’s listening habits, much like Facebook did by integrating Spotify and the like.

    What’s especially interesting about Discover, though, is that it apparently features unlimited skips and listens along with no commercials. You can also make mini-mixtapes with it. It will certainly be interesting to see where Last.FM goes from here and just how Discover performs in the coming months.