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Lars Ulrich Turns Rachel Maddow Into a Starry-Eyed Fangirl (Video)

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Lars Ulrich went on Rachel Maddow's show last night ostensibly to promote Guitar Hero: Metallica, but he ended up talking a lot about living in San Francisco and how Metallica songs were used to torture detainees in Iraq (he says he could name 30 bands that would make Metallica sound like Simon & Garfunkel). A sizable part of the interview is Maddow fawning over Metallica's place in her youth (she reminds viewers over and over about how she listened to them as a teen) and she gives probably the most hyperbolic intro of any guest on cable news ever.   


Metallica start a world wide tour next week. You can see the dates by going here. [Daily Swarm]

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I didn't know Maddow was a metal chick!


Jim Rousch

I love them both.
It was realy cool to know that one of my favorite bands like The Rachel Maddow Show.
Together was like music to my ears.
Inteligence Irony and Supercool METALLICA!!!YEAH!!!
That was the best show ever:


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