Larry King Interviews Lady Gaga, Allegedly (Video)



    Let’s be adults about Lady Gaga for once: Her schtick is not profound, and it really only works because she believes it’s real. She’s like one of those homeless people who plays kazoo and an out-of-tune guitar and claims they have hits on the Billboard. Except she actually got other people to buy it too. And if we’re being honest, Larry King is more of a renegade than Lady Gaga: He bones women half his age, never, ever actually learns ANYTHING about the people he interviews, and he has the best pictures at baseball games. I mean, I’d rather pay to see Larry King live onstage than go see Lady Gaga do bad Madonna songs.


    Larry King interviewed Lady Gaga this week (that was a transition, which was awesome) and it was just the most awkward. Painfully. Half of that was the satellite delay, half of it was neither one of them knew what to do. Weird big-upping of Deepak Chopra here, too. The best part is when Larry accidentally perfectly describes Gaga’s schtick: “A self-proclaimed freak.” Nice, Larry.