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Large scale acid bust at Camp Bisco. Surprise?

Oregon resident Jonathan Taylor is sitting in Schenectady County custody after being arrested this past weekend at the Disco Biscuits-curated Camp Bisco festival. Police apparently found on Taylor more than 14,000 hits of acid and $17,000 in cash.


After making it through the camp checkpoint, Taylor made it all the way to Saturday night until security seized the man and handed him over to the state police. Some “alert” concertgoers were allegedly the ones to turn Taylor over -- quite odd considering most people were probably thriving off the hallucinogen at this festival.


Must have been 14,000 hits of bad acid. And I’m sure 14,000 sober people came to the realization that Disco Biscuits just aren’t quite that good without acid. Blessing in disguise, possibly. [WNYT via The Daily Swarm]


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Disco Biscuits


/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

14,000 hits???

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

I've been sober at 46 shows. The Disco Biscuits bring it whether you are sober or not! So John Bohannon don't write sterotypical BS unless you have experienced it for your self.


Also do a little research. Camp Bisco's attendance isn't even half of 14,000 people.


14000????? I doubt it. Also, your a horrible reporter.


not like I didn't see these comments coming.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jboh213/n38409054_33275787_4276.jpg jboh

stereotypical - interesting, "nugboy".

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jboh213/n38409054_33275787_4276.jpg jboh

Who walks around with $50,000 worth of acid?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Hey John - great unbiased journalism!




i kill me.


Your comment about being on drugs to like jamband music is stereotypical just insert Phish or Grateful Dead and you have an article from the 90's. Be a little creative.




WNYT reported 14,000 hits. That's the info we relayed.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Blessing in disguise .... DEFINITELY!


hey bohannon we hate u


eat a ****

f you

Oh, I get it, because the Di$co Bi$scuit$ phanz like teH dr00gz! Lolerskates! I hear that Jerry Garcia guy was into heroin, too. You should check that out. Report back to us.

No, but seriously, way to pretty much just restate the article from the original with your own sarcasm and "quoty fingers" added. You are a wonderful, insightful writer, and you are sure to go far.



way to stereotype jackass. its folks like you that keep up the myth we are all a bunch of druggies. come to a show sometime with us and we'll show you a good sober time, as you simply like to lump all our scene into that of drugs and such.
nice reporting - 6500 people were there. there are drug busts all the time, they dont just happen at festivals, you just pounce on these stories so you look like you really broke a big story. nice work. get a real job


I would be ashamed to put my name on such a pathetic excuse of journalism.


That's incredible that someone at a music festival would rat on someone with that much Lucy. What is happening to the jam scene?

mark bc

they are out in full force.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jboh213/n38409054_33275787_4276.jpg jboh

Its so funny how some hippies try to live down the stereotypes of their own scene, that's possibly why fans at the show blew the whistle on him. I think it might have been more than that, you don't just hand some drug dealer in just because. But seriously, DB sucks in any capacity.

hippie stereotypes

The comments on this story entirely brightened up my already excellent morning. Cheers!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/countessian/n669480319_1120716_1209.jpg rachel juarez-carr

I hate patchouli. Seriously, it stinks. Just sayin..


It was the CIA. are kind of lame, aren't you?

Psychedelic Warior

I really hope this magazine doesn't pay you anything to "write" these "articles".

Weak sauce.


weak sauce

fuk john bohannon

oh it just gets better, doesnt it?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jboh213/n38409054_33275787_4276.jpg jboh

i doubt that fans just turned the guy in. police were probably already involved if the bikers turned him over. i'm pretty sure i witnessed the search for this kid. saturday morning, bikers were all over near my campsite, breaking into peoples cars and going through their stuff, asking us questions if we'd seen the owners around


Cmon John you remember that time we took all that acid dontcha? It was really great, we went and saw Journey and Foreigner and then afterwards you asked for a massage....

Jboh's HS buddy

I agree w/ you, john bohannon. i don't even think hallucinogens would help me enjoy a disco biscuits show. it would have to be something that would numb my mind, like heroin.


The Daily Swarm the biggest dicks ever! STAY THE HOME!


all i can say is there's no way in hell this guy was turned in by some random concert goers, with the majority of the people there either having or consuming psychadelics, why would they come after this one guy unless they were aware beforehand that he had the drugs. probably a much more complex situation than the media, including this guy, will make it out to be. at least we can hope other media outlets will see it as something other than a medium through which they can backhandedly insult musicians who are doing wonderful things for the artistic community which they "support"


Nobody ratted on him. He mad a stupid mistake and it cost him.


info was relayed as it was reported. If more info is released, it will be updated. Simple as that.


i also doubt there was anyone in attendance at this festie with the nerve to rat out a pusher of anykind. And if its truly the case the fascist deserves to have his teeth kicked in, although theres not a doubt in my mind karma will eventually pound him in his pompous ass. IT boggles my mind that anyone could think being a rat is at all righteous becase its quite the opposite and there isnt any kind of justice served in a case like this. Its sad to say this dude will have his freedom stripped just like that. live by no mans code, be good people.


"i also doubt there was anyone in attendance at this festie with the nerve to rat out a pusher of anykind." lol! denial! and, um, you wishing his teeth getting kicked in and then talking about karma coming back to get him....well, um, you might wanna keep one eye on your own karma there...and as far as being a rat is concerned...well this drug is quite illegal for a reason: because it can be extremely dangerous! come on brah, get your head out of your ass and join the real world....


I have seen some shows spun and sober and the band just blows..more like DooDoo Biscuits


Just remember, thats how the bikers said it went down. Im guessing that they keep the cops off their land by giving them one big bust to make a scapegoat of a kid they dont like. The bikers were pissed they werent getting a cut from this kid, saw how much bank he was making, and sent him off their land after taking thier huge cut of money from the dealer.


i mean cmon loser, the last line of your article is a joke that my 60 year old uncle tells about the Dead...if it were 14000 rolls i might agree with you...poor kid doesn't even look older than 25, and he is being denied bail...why does the gov't feel they have the right to tell us how we can kill our brain cells?


too bad the Dead were actually good with quality songwriting skills.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jboh213/n38409054_33275787_4276.jpg jboh

Yeah, let's not bring the Dead into this. Their influence is still being felt. I've never actually heard Disco Biscuits.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

theres a reason for that FMH

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jboh213/n38409054_33275787_4276.jpg jboh

you suck, 14,000 people werent even at the festival, a diss to the band wasnt neccesary you concieted douche

some guy

If someone ratted him out, forget beating them down, he or she deserves to die, period! If the promoters or the "security" (outlaw bikers) helped the law, then none of you should EVER go back to a fest there. The bikers are running the dope to start with. I'm sure they wanted a piece of the action. Every one of them should get dosed on about 2000 mics next year. And its not hard to find out where the promoters and their families live (hint). I'm not advocating anything but...we all know how these things shake out. Do a little research and see what happened when the feds pulled this in Oregon a few years back (they found the agent's burnt body in a car after the country faire). Maybe next year I'll come just to dose every security guard I can!


yea, everything was peachy for a couple days, you could get whatever you wanted anywhere. And then come the last day of the fest the bikers were cruising up and down all over the campground eyeing everyone. Even harrassing people smoking a bowl or talking to eachother. It almost seemed as if once Sunday came they stopped protecting the kids and changed into making money and taking their drugs mode.


If you dont like the biscuits thats fine. Hey dont use them as an excuse to scapegoat a poorly written article that a high school teeny bobber could write. Go back to the basement at your moms and listen to your puddle of mud cds.


this is why no one goes to indian lookout country club because of the loser bikers what scuimbags


This article is a bunch of bullsht, and the bikers don't bother you unless you bring glass. Somebody was given bunk information about the whole situation. I've been to this place at least 25 times and have never heard of such nonsense.


okie dokie. heres how it goes. Im not going to contradict anyone. Everyone on here is entitled to say what they please. If you don't like the biscuits, thats fine. Not your type of music. If you don't like drugs, fine, not your scene. What I will tell you all, is my experience at camp bisco. When we arrived, the bikers flipped our car and found my glass pipe on me. I had it in a case. They told me they wernt going to take my pipe, for obvious reasons, so long as i promised to keep it in the case when not in use. I smoked a bowl inside camp bisco with a biker, who completely knew i was spun cookies. and kashola, i agree with you, someone was given bunk info. Do you really think a bunch of spun out hippies would rat someone out with that much L? noooo. and do you honestly think he was the only one there with L? nooooo. i found about 35 hits on the ground sunday morning, and got spun out for free all weeekend. why would festi hoppers rat out their supplier? why would they rat out a fellow biscuits lover? If you dont want trouble, dont show up to a festi run by bikers with 14,000 hits of LSD. and if you do, just eat it all! dose it in your eyeballs. puddle everyone you know. good karma =))


So did you copy word for word an unbiased article, and then make it biased and less informative? I wonder which one more people read and enjoy. Have fun supplementing what will obviously be a poor writing carrier by working fast food. Oh yeah, if you don't like them, don't write about them. They aren't your taste, thats fine. Write about something your ecstatic about, like cock.


I was there, it happened, kid had like a book of L. Sucks for him. Bisco raaaage!


You're an idiot. I've been sober to every Bisco show I've been to - haven't even smoked weed - and it blew my mind every time. One of the best live acts performing right now. I've never done acid, and my three favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, & Phish. Get a freaking clue before you report this "journalism" and go listen to your Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney.


This is insane. One of the reasons i like this mag is EXACTLY because of it's humorous tendencies. He told the story and added a punt, so what?? Almost every damned article in this mag and almost all music mags use this style, WHY do people still only have troubles with it when it gets to them??? Exaggeration is a form of humor, lighten up you idiots!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kadgi/DSC04569.JPG Kadgi

I thought it was an awesome event, I was trashed the first night i did 9hits one roll drank and smoked.Forget trying to sleep that night. The next day it was pretty freakin hot, I hope they provide more shade next year.I thought it was crazy when the Biscuits covered rage almost had a hippie pit. I thought the whole experience was awesome.


screw all the haters, the Disco Biscuits rock my nuts off tripping, rolling, or sober. and if it was bad acid like bunk then good im glad it was off the grounds, if it was good then poor kid got fired in the cause. anyway CAMP BISCO 8 JULY 2009 BITCHES! oh and this journalist is a queef.


biscos sick. this article is lame. poor kid.




i love seeing acid while tripping on the disco biscuits.

article seems written without much fact/ research done. the story should of been put on the police blogs and not tried to be made into an article with opinions


this seems like a very objective article. very well written. disco biscuits are clearly much better at their chosen profession of playing instruments than you are at writing a news story. way to go *********


This is a completely retarded article, Biscuits are good and a journalist putting his personal opinion in on one of his articles is completely stupid of him. Im going to Bisco 9 and am completely pumped!! Next, this dickhead is gonna say Sound Tribe sucks too... PPssshhhttt!

Mike Business

This is not real journalism. I am embarrassed for you.


holy jesus thts allot of dose


does anyone know if anything about camp bisco 2010???

boone town

lets all be honest here. the only reason any of us like any of this music is because of drugs. i started listening to phish and the dead like 15 years ago while i was clean but after i had gotten into drugs. i can honestly say that it was the music and much more than that the atmosphere at shows and festivals that got me back into drugs. ive been clean for almost two years with the occasional joint and i still enjoy phish the dead and the biscuits. yeah the music revolves around drugs but if you think about it all good music came from drugs: jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, the dead, the allman bros., the list goes on. Even progressive jazz came from drugs. The bottom line is; why you gotta hate? people just want to have a good time, whats the harm in that?


jt was my boy, so for camp 9 ill be there with so much dose it will make cbvii look like childs play...just look for the kid with the FREE JT shirt on.. bohanon, eat a wook ****


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