Large scale acid bust at Camp Bisco. Surprise?

    Oregon resident Jonathan Taylor is sitting in Schenectady County custody after being arrested this past weekend at the Disco Biscuits-curated Camp Bisco festival. Police apparently found on Taylor more than 14,000 hits of acid and $17,000 in cash.


    After making it through the camp checkpoint, Taylor made it all the way to Saturday night until security seized the man and handed him over to the state police. Some “alert” concertgoers were allegedly the ones to turn Taylor over — quite odd considering most people were probably thriving off the hallucinogen at this festival.


    Must have been 14,000 hits of bad acid. And I’m sure 14,000 sober people came to the realization that Disco Biscuits just aren’t quite that good without acid. Blessing in disguise, possibly. [WNYT via The Daily Swarm]