Landmine Marathon Now Grinding for Prosthetic Records

    All good things must come to an end, and Landmine Marathon’s three-release run on Level Plane was very, very good. The Phoenix, AZ-based grindy death metal quintet has signed to Prosthetic Records, home of such illustrious brothers and sisters-in-arms as Kylesa, Gojira, Book of Black Earth, Skeleton Witch and Withered. We can only hope that Prosthetic will pump oodles of marketing dollars into raising this most deserving band to the top of the underground, all the while keeping vocalist Grace Perry as far away from Revolver’s “hottest chicks in metal” issue as possible.

    Says guitarist Ryan Butler of the new deal, in predictably exuberant tones: "We’re extremely excited about signing with Prosthetic and can’t wait to forge new friendships and relationships with them. They’ve been nothing but a blast to work with through the signing process, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this partnership." Notice the use of the word “blast,” which metalheads should find funny in a highbrow kind of way, since Landmine Marathon are known for their Bolt Thrower/Napalm Death style grindcore blasting. Tut tut, Butler!


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    2.23       Tempe, AZ: The Sets – w/ Vital Remains
    3.5         Phoenix, AZ: The Phix – w/ Misery Index
    3.6         Tucson, AZ: Living Room
    3.7         Boyle Heights, CAL Blvd Cafe – w/ Funeral Pyre, Graf Orlock
    3.13       Tempe, AZ: Clubhouse – w/ Autumn’s End
    4.10       Chicago, IL: TBA
    4.11       Columbus, OH: Last House on the Left
    4.12       Wilkinsburg, PA: Mr. Roboto Project
    4.13       New York, NY: Precious Metal at Lit Lounge
    4.14       Washington, D.C.: Rock and Roll Hotel – w/ Misery Index
    4.15       Richmond, VA: Nara Sushi
    4.16       Bloomfield, NJ: MMAC
    4.17       Brooklyn, NY: The Charleston
    4.18       Worcester, MA: New England Metal and Hardcore Festival
    5.9         Los Angeles, CA: L.A. Murderfest