Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Like Being Judged

    Usually when you hear a musician complaining about not being like, you scoff or chalk it up to being super sensitive. But when you’ve made fun of or been as abused as Lana Del Ray has, it’s understandable that she’s a bit upset after being verbally beaten down for so long

    In a candid interview with Musicrooms, the singer, who became an Internet sensation with her viral video for “Blue Jeans,” discusses the difficulties of being judged on personality rather than her talents.

    “What’s scary is when you have your focus on being a writer for 10 years, and after that people decide they don’t like you,” said the singer. “That’s off-putting, because when you’ve put all your work into crafting words and melodies, and then people start just thinking about you and judging you as a person that’s a little off-putting. But the rest of it isn’t scary, it’s just sort of different.”