Lana Del Rey Never Canceled Or Even Planned A Spring Tour

    Update: It looks like the news of Lana Del Rey canceling a planned spring tour was completely false, according to her publicist. Here’s the message we received.

    Lana told MTV several weeks ago that she plans to tour in October.  There has never been a spring tour announced or cancelled.

    Lana continues to perform in public and on TV.  She gave a fantastic performance on Letterman last week; she will appear at the Amoeba in LA today, and the SF Amoeba on Thursday.

    She’s been extremely active in Europe as well in support of Born to Die, which is having historic success in its first week of sales (we’ll report on sales numbers tomorrow).


    Previous post: Here’s a story that’s kind of hard to take as anything less than a possible publicity stunt, even if it makes sense. According to Rolling Stone, Lana Del Rey has canceled her planned U.S. tour that she was actually set to announce soon in support of her debut, Born To Die

    But after all the hate Del Rey received because of her Saturday Night Live performance, she and her team have decided to hold off for the time being. The New York singer is apparently going to work on honing her live chops while taking time to “clear her head.” After that, expect her to hit the road in full force. We assume. To be fair, this news comes just a day removed from her stating that she’s done recording. Hmm.

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