Lana Del Rey Gets Naked And Has Boob Grabbed For GQ Magazine (Pics)

    Lana Del Rey - GQ Cover

    Miss Lana Del Rey’s getting naughty. In a recent photo shoot with GQ the singer/songwriter posed seated in a chair with her right breast exposed and a man’s hand clutching it (ooh la la!). Other photos feature the chanteuse baring her naughty bits–posing without bottoms or panties, covering her no-no parts with a lace curtain. Oh, and did I mention the cover photo is her sitting with her legs bunched against her bossom…totally nude?

    But that’s what you get for being crowned GQ‘s Woman of the year!

    Look at photos below via Gigwise.

    Lana Del Rey Boob Grab for GQ Woman of the Year 2012
    From GQ’s Woman of the Year 2012. Via Imgur

    Update: GQ’s creative director recreated the boob grabbing pic on his Instagram account years later.