Lana Del Rey Announces Reissue Plans, New Songs

    If you haven’t had enough of the phenom known as Lana Del Ray, well you’re in luck. The YouTube-sensation’s major-label debut album will be reissued as a “Paradise” edition in November, with about a half-dozen previously unreleased tracks, she told Australian writer Tim Blackwell of Nova FM between shows in Melbourne.

    “It’s gonna happen. It’s not a new album,” Del Rey said, asked about rumors she’d be releasing a new full-length this fall. “It’s more like an afterthought. It’s the Paradise edition of Born to Die, and yeah, it’s like seven new songs that kind of put a period on the statement I was making when I made the record.”

    But there’s more. The artist formely known as Elizabeth Grant said she’s been working on new songs “really slowly” over the past seven months, and the story noted the controversial singer had performed new material live the night before. She also said, without offering further details, that she has been doing “quiet work on movies.”