Lana Del Rey Announces New Album Title, ‘Ultraviolence’

    Last in Hollywood, Lana Del Rey unveiled some juicy details during the premiere of her short film Tropico. After having released her album Born To Die, she had a slew of additional hits. This included her track “Summertime Saddness” that catapulted the “indie” chanteuse into the limelight. After that we heard a handful of new songs such as “True Love On The Side,” “Behind Closed Doors,” and “Maha Maha.” 

    Time and the culmination of new tracks lead us to believe that a new album was in the works. This was confirmed when she said the following things to her adhering fans below:

    “I really just wanted us all to be together so I could close the chapter before I release my new album, Ultraviolence.”

    If you haven’t seen the trailer for Tropico, watch it here.

    Watch her announce her new album at the premiere of her short film Tropico below: