Lamb Of God Frontman Released On Bail

    Heavy metal band Lamb of God has been experiencing some undue stress of late after their singer Randy Blythe was arrested on manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic. He was incarcerated for a full month, but today he was finally released on bail, costing him 8 million Czech Koruna, or $38,950. He can return to the U.S., but he will have to face trial in the Czech Republic.

    The charges stem from an incident at a Lamb of God concert in Prague back in 2010. A fan reportedly rushed the stage, prompting Blythe to punch him. The fan supposedly fell back into the crowd, hit his head, and died of injuries a few days later.

    In a statement from the band, they’re asking supporters to help with Blythe’s legal fees, which you can donate to via Lamb of God’s Facebook page. [Fact]