Laetitia Sadier Of Stereolab To Drop First Solo CD

    The British post-rock band Stereolab went on hiatus last year, and since then the band’s singer and keyboardist/guitarist Laetitia Sadier has been working on a solo album. The album, which is slated to drop Sept. 21, is titled The Trip.

    Although the French-born musician fronted a solo project-turned-band, Monade, this will be her first solo album per se. It will feature a bunch of collaborators, including indie stalwarts Richard Swift and April March, plus French musicians Julien Gasc and Emmanuel Mario, who appeared on the final Monade album.

    The album will deal with the very personal subject of the suicide of Sadier’s sister, which is the topic of the opening track, “One Million Year Trip.” There will also be several cover songs featured, including Wendy & Bonnie’s “By The Sea” and Les Rita Mitsouko’s “Un Soir Un Chien.”