Ladytron To Release ‘Best Of’ Comp In March

    Recent Christina Aguilera collaborators Ladytron will celebrate a decade’s worth of slick electro production with a retrospective dubbed Best of Ladytron: 00-10, which will be released on March 29 via Nettwerk. 


    The dapper Liverpool band’s upcoming compilation will be released both as a single-disc and two-disc expanded package, the latter of which will offer everything from their earlier club staples like “Seventeen” to later tunes including “Black Cat.”


    Now that they’ve spent some studio time with the aforementioned pop diva, Ladytron is back at work on their fifth album, which is planned for release later this year. 


    Best of Ladytron: 00-10 two-disc track listing:





    01. Destroy Everything You Touch

    02. International Dateline

    03. Discotraxx

    04. Tomorrow

    05. Soft Power

    06. Fighting in Built Up Areas

    07. Ghosts

    08. Blue Jeans

    09. Cracked LCD

    10. Deep Blue

    11. Seventeen

    12. Light & Magic

    13. Playgirl

    14. Runaway

    15. The Last One Standing

    16. Little Black Angel

    17. Ace of Hz




    01. The Reason Why

    02. Whitelightgenerator

    03. Mu-tron

    04. Black Plastic

    05. The Way That I Found You

    06. True Mathematics

    07. High Rise

    08. Black Cat

    09. Another Breakfast With You

    10. USA vs. White Noise

    11. Commodore Rock

    12. Evil

    13. Beauty*2

    14. Season of Illusions

    15. Versus

    16. All the Way


    [via Pitchfork and NME]