Ladyhawk tire of being confused with prettier, better known Ladyhawke

    It’s got to suck to essentially share your name with an act that gets much more attention than you. That is, not to say that Vancouver’s Ladyhawk is a band of nobodies; they’re signed to the Jagjaguwar label with acts like Bon Iver, and Sunset Rubdown, but they don’t have the blog notoriety that Ladyhawke has. According to Ladyhawk though, they have a pretty good sense of humor about it.

    she’s cool, it’s dance music, mostly for girls. we’ve been corresponding through myspace for years, like "hey ladyhawke, what’s up?" and she’s like "hey ladyhawk, not much. you?". it’s friendly.

     But apparently, the band started to run into some trouble when they decided to tour Europe and the UK, where the female Ladyhawke’s popularity is higher than it is in the states.

    these two drunk frat boy type dudes were standing at the very front of the stage as we were setting up, kinda talking to darcy and saying things like "man, we are so excited to see her" and "we listened to (her song) back of the van all the way here" and "where is she?" and "when is she coming out?" and so on. by this point i was laughing, because i honestly thought these fucking clowns were JOKING. so we did our classic "she’s just in the bathroom" line and started playing. well, halfway through the first song, the dudes yell "FUCK YOU!" and "YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES!" whilst fingering darcy (not that way) before storming away. BUT WAIT! it get’s better! the first thing these guys did when they got to the show was go directly to the merch table and buy fucking records and t-shirts WITH OUR FUCKING FACES ON THEM!

     In those guys’ defense, they probably thought all of the merchandise was "ironic," where the band name is purposely misspelled and images of the Ladyhawke in question are absent. I tell you, cynicism is rotting the minds of our youth.