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Lady Sovereign Rants On Stage In San Francisco (Video)

Grime has finally crossed over to the mainstream in the U.K., and the strain is beginning to show on one of the genre’s brightest stars. Lady Sovereign endured an awkward break from her former label, Def Jam, and famously exited the stage after two songs at a show in Brooklyn in 2007.

Now, Sov is up to her old tricks, cutting short a show at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and berating the venue from the stage. The incident was caught on camera, which shows her complaining about the sound at the Rickshaw and warning that she will never play there again.

Despite encouragement from the audience (“we love you,” comes one desperate plea), Sov brought the show to an end after just a few songs. Apparently a show in Seattle on May 21 was brought to a similarly abrupt halt, and it’s starting to feel like Lady Sovereign and America just aren’t going to get along.





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Lady Sovereign

"Grime has finally crossed over to the mainstream in the U.K."

hi, welcome to 2005


Ha. I'm referring to the recent number 1 singles by Dizzee/Tinchy with that comment. This is a very good related article:

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Lady Sovereign is more manic depressive than a clown at the cancer ward. She's been on tour straight for a month now, and something must be stirring inside. I still love her though.


The west coast always gets dicked on her tours being they're on the tail end and she always cracks near the end. I was at the SF show.. what a disaster.


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