Lady Sovereign Comes Out, But Apparently No One Cares

    Technically speaking, Lady Sovereign coming out as a lesbian to Diva magazine this month makes her the most high-profile rapper to ever come out as homosexual. Granted, she’s not high-profile–and hasn’t ever been, unless you count three weeks in mid-2006–but that’s about the biggest part of the story. Because it appears no one, outside of the British rags, is even reporting the story. 


    And that’s an achievement, I suppose, for the indie community, that the news that one musician is gay hardly rates as blog-worthy in a time when Ricky Martin, who everyone knew was gay in 1997, gets the cover of People for coming out. I still can’t really imagine a time when major pop stars coming out won’t be a big story, but I imagine that the idea that musicians need to stay in the closet to get fans is going to seem pretty damn antiquated in 10 years. [Guardian