Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster Won’t Include Lock of Hair

    The speculation that Lady Gaga would be releasing locks of her own hair with reissued copies of her debut album have been quashed. Special editions of The Fame Monster album will contain a few extra goodies, but sadly not an actual strand of hair from the singer.


    Instead, the limited edition CDs will include locks of fake hair snipped from wigs Gaga has worn. Yes, the music industry is desperate to make some money from CDs, and this is how low they have sunk to do it. “Some people are saying it is creepy – but they don’t know my fans,” said Gaga. “My fans love my hair and they want my hair.”


    “I have worn a lot of wigs over the years,” she said. “I get to wear my real hair now because it is super healthy – but I have worn a lot of wigs and I just said to the guys ‘Why don’t you just give away locks of my hair?'” These editions of the album will retail for around $99.98, and will also include a puzzle, 3-D glasses and a paper doll collection.