Lady Gaga’s Rider Includes Blue Velvet-Style Oxygen Tanks

    The Smoking Gun broke the important news that Lady Gaga does not like smelly cheese back in April 2009 when they published a copy of her rider for the Fame Ball tour. But 18 months is a long time in pop, and now Gaga can demand a lot more than dairy products, as the website’s latest expose reveals.


    Gaga now likes to eat vegetarian hot dogs with toothpicks and asks for something called “edible skink” (?) with her fresh fruit. But the most bizarre addendum must be the oxygen tanks she demands in her “quick change” room, which allows her to take in oxygen during costume changes in the show.


    The two 16.5 inch tanks are supplemented by a regulator and a “medium concentration mask,” all of which can be viewed in the picture below. The Smoking Gun wonders if Gaga is having a Blue Velvet moment, which could be a great way for the onstage antics on the Monster Ball tour to go—Gaga needs to bring this shit out on stage to really freak out her “little monsters.”



    [via The Smoking Gun]