Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour Will be an “Electro-Pop Opera”


    The news about Lady Gaga’s exploits may be approaching overkill, but she’s only really just getting started. The latest story to emerge from the Haus of Gaga (as she likes to call it) involves details about her Monster Ball tour, which she claims will resemble an “electro-pop opera.”


    “The basic philosophy of the show is theatrical,” she said. “And that’s what opera is — it’s an ostentatious, over-the-top interpretation of a story. So that’s what pretty much my whole life is, but that’s what the show is [also].” The tour, which also features Kid Cudi, begins in Montreal on Nov. 27.


    “It’s a story,” Gaga said. “It’s me battling all my monsters along the way. I’m playing all the music from The Fame, all the music from The Fame Monster. And the stage that I designed with the Haus [of Gaga] is a giant cube that sits. Imagine you were to hollow out a TV and just break the fourth wall on a TV screen. It forces you to look at the center of the TV. It’s my way of saying, ‘My music is art.’”