Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour Allegedly Loses $4 Million

    Lady Gaga’s extravagant ways are leaving her out of pocket. She may have dominated the pop scene in 2009, adding a much needed dash of humor and pretentiousness to the sound-a-like Simon Cowell-dominated charts, but it appears Gaga has accomplished it all at a substantial loss.


    The Monster Ball tour has reportedly lost around $4 million to date, although no official figures have yet been made available. British tabloid The Sun has their usual unnamed source to hand: “She spent £500,000 on one stage alone. But Lady Gaga gets what Lady Gaga wants. Her wardrobe is huge and she wants to shock – and that costs serious money.”


    But a spokesperson for the singer has appeared to back up the claims, saying: “I can’t comment on figures but it wouldn’t be a surprise. Gaga puts everything into her live shows and she doesn’t care about the financial side of things. I wouldn’t want to be her accountant.” The report claims that Gaga spent $100,000 on a giant bathtub for the tour, which can be seen in the video from her X Factor performance.


    [via Gigwise]