Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Pushes 1.1 Million Units

    Lady Gaga’s Born This Way wasn’t the first highly anticipated album Amazon offered for super-cheap as Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs was sold for $3.99. But Gaga is obviously on another level, popularity-wise, and Born This Way‘s price point was far less than The Suburbs. About three dollars less to be exact, though the 99-cent deal was only available for two days last week.


    But it was the ridiculously low price that pushed Born This Way‘s numbers over the edge, according to Billboard. The album pushed 1.11 million units in its first week with some 662,000 units coming solely from digital retailers. That’s the most any artist has sold digitally in a first week thus far. As for Gaga’s overall number, her 1.1 million is the most in six years — 50 Cent pushed 1.14 million in March 2005 with The Massacre.


    Born This Way is out now. Watch Gaga perform “Edge of Glory” live on American Idol below.