Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ Debuts Number One On The Billboard. But Is It A Flop?

    There is a news piece that ran on covering Lady Gaga‘s album ARTPOP‘s accomplishment of debuting number one; although it also implied it was a flop, as well. While they are right from a sales performance aspect, there could be other reasons and factors that could have influenced the underperformance of the album.

    Accomplishing the number one spot is an outstanding feat, no matter how it’s twisted. Whether it’s 85k or a million sold; a number one album is no easy task to attain. But, to go from 1.1 million copies sold in 2011 with Born This Way, to only 258k sold with ARTPOP, saying it was a drop-off is a severe understatement, technically speaking. It’s easy to blame the Saturday Night Live fiasco, the ArtRave, or her crying performing “Dope.” But in the same realm, it is also viable to acknowledge that Gaga is an artist who pushes the envelope, and maybe she doesn’t want ARTPOP to go be anything we’ve ever heard.  A true artist to their craft experiments and takes risks. And if this album is a downer to Gaga both critically and sales performance wise, then she will know where to turn once her next album begins its process. Not facts, just food for thought.

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