Lady Gaga Will Make Her Screen Debut In Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete Kills’

    Joining the likes of Madonna and Cher before her, Lady Gaga will soon turn from the stage to the silver screen. In a somewhat expected career move, the pop mega-star is set to appear in Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming sequel to neo-grindhouse flick Machete. While she’s never acted in a feature film before, we know Gaga’s got plenty of screen presence from the micro-dramas she concocts in her music videos. If anything, she’s a perfect fit for Rodriguez’s stylized reality, in which zombies, vampires, and deadly dames have all been known to slide together seamlessly. 

    Dame Gaga will play a character known only as La Chameleon–a rather perfect role for the ever-mutating celebrity. A promo still shows Gaga posing with a smoking, silenced pistol, lemon-yellow locks, and what appears to be the skin of an entire coyote. According to Rodriguez via Twitter, she’s already kicked “so much ass” at the acting gig. 

    Will this spell a new career branch for Lady Gaga? (Does she need any more of those?) Or is Rodriguez just trying to trick her fans into watching the sequel to an adaptation of a parody trailer? We’ll see in 2013. [Popdust]