Lady Gaga Will Hatch Out of an Egg on Monster Ball Tour

    Barely a day goes by without a new story from Lady Gaga, with her PR people obviously keen to flood the Internet with tales about their brightest client. Gaga is set to undertake the Monster Ball tour in the near future, and she has been talking about it with Dallas radio station KISS 106.1.


    “It’s really amazing. The show is based on kind of this theme of evolution, which has a lot to do with how I’ve changed over the years, and kind of in a way, in a symbolic way of describing myself as a person, as Gaga,” she said.


    Naturally, some unusual onstage antics with play a big role. “I actually hatch out of an egg in the show,” she said. “That’s the beginning of the show. It’s kind of the beginning of evolution. I begin as a cell,” she revealed. The Monster Ball tour begins in Montreal in November.