Lady Gaga Wants to Bed Boy Band, Tries Out New Vampire Look

    Lady Gaga is newly single and on the prowl. Gaga’s voracious sexual appetite knows no bounds, so she has set her sights on all four members of ageing Brit boy band Take That. “I’d like all four at once,” she said. “They’re very sexy. I’m a single girl now and I like to have a good time.”


    Gaga claims that she always gets her man, saying: “I don’t have any crushes in particular, if I did, they’d be mine!” Her seduction technique is certainly unusual, as she proved at Heathrow Airport yesterday (Aug. 20), where she showed up in full vampire garb, complete with fangs, a thong-style outfit and black fishnet stockings.


    Perhaps Gaga has been watching too many episodes of True Blood? She had previously promised to tone down her sexy antics, but this photo gallery of her Heathrow arrival suggests she’s already reneged on that agreement—and thank god for that. The last thing the pop world needs is another bland, sexless, humorless presence.