Lady Gaga Wanted to Stage Her Death at the VMAs

    Lady Gaga may have wowed audiences by setting a piano on fire at the AMAs this past Sunday (Nov. 22), but it seems we have only witnessed a watered down version of her ambitions. The singer has been talking to MTV about her performance at this year’s VMAs ceremony, where executives at the network were left dumbfounded by her plans.


    “I just knew I had to bleed to death for four minutes on TV, and I remember telling MTV, and they were really quiet on the other end of the line,” she said. “And it was silent, and then they said, ‘OK, Gaga, we’re gonna make it happen. If that’s your vision, were gonna do it.’ “


    “I wanted to say something about how the celebrity sort of has this inevitable demise that we love to watch,” she said. “But are we killing them or are they killing themselves? And do they love the fame and need it but not really want it?” Gaga’s death obsession may or many not manifest itself again when she heads out on the first date of the Monster Ball tour in Montreal on Nov. 27.