Lady Gaga Announces New Album Title, ‘ARTPOP’ Over Twitter

    Who needs press releases when we have Twitter? It seems that most celebrities have been using the social networking outlet as a way to announce breaking news before the media has time to grab it.

    The latest was Twitter queen, Lady Gaga. Currently the most followed person on the site, she reealed what we think is the title of her upcoming album to her nearly 28 million followers today.

    “Make sure when writing about my new album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title, *its all in the details* good morning twitter!” the pop star tweeted earlier today. In addition to this announcement, the Mother Monster posted two photos on her Instragram (above), teasing the forthcoming album with what appears to be potential lyrics to the album (right) and the singer’s new tattoo of the album’s name, ARTPOP (capitalized, of course).

    As if this wasn’t enough, Lady Gaga posted on her own social network,, to give her fans a little insight, stating “ARTPOP could mean anything,” on the site’s chat. “Op Art was a movement in the ’70s that is still alive now. [ARTPOP] is the music I’ve been making since [The Fame].” With the information still vague, some are skeptical if this is really the album title or just a song/concept for the upcoming project.

    Though Gaga has not revealed a release date for the album yet, it is rumored to drop in late 2012, early 2013.