Lady Gaga Turns Herself Into An Exhibit; Tattoos Head During Perfume Launch

    Leave it to Lady Gaga to take what should be a classy, elegant affair and morph it into something utterly bizarre. Last night, she launched her new fragrance, Fame, and naturally, the soiree got weird.

    Remember how Mamma Monster shaved the back of her head the other day to pay tribute to her photographer Terry Richardson’s recently deceased mother? Well, during the masquerade-themed event, she tattooed what appears to be an angel (although Spin thinks it looks like Honey Boo Boo) in her newly bare spot. 

    If that wasn’t odd enough, Gaga took advantage of her venue (New York’s Guggenheim Museum) and turned herself into an exhibit. Entitled “Sleeping With Gaga” the piece featured the starlet “sleeping” in a strange, futuristic looking bubble for 30 minutes. During that time, attendees were able to reach in and poke her assumingly unconscious body. When she woke up, she, of course, peed in a bucket (because girls always have to tinkle upon waking up) in front of everyone.

    The launch was coupled with the premiere of Fame‘s full commercial, which clocks in at almost five minutes. The avant-garde (and downright creepy) clip features effects from Digital Domain, which you may remember as the now bankrupt company behind the Tupac hologram

    Watch the full-length commercial for Fame below.